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  1. I foster spca kittens an I only use LAVENDER CLUMPING .stoolsget taken out clumps uurine is easy to disposed. An no smell . not even lavender .Itworks for my foster furbabies

  2. When I worked in the shelter, kittens died from ingesting clumping litter. So, there were signs to use “non-clumping” litter in their boxes.

    I don’t notice much litter in Mitzy’s paws, and I’ve studied her stools enough to have seen any there. I have a small cotton hook rug outside her litter box, which collect litter. I shake it back into the box weekly.

    I’m taking my chances with clay litter, since I don’t like the options. If I had a kitten I would use non-clumping litter or newspapers. Whenever I see any litter stuck on Mitzy’s rear end fur, I comb it out, so she doesn’t lick it off.

    There is controversy about clay litter, and I found this information on ModernCat:

    Clay cat litter is readily available in every supermarket, grocery store, mass retailer, and convenience store.
    It is the standard, it has been used for decades, and it performs very well.
    It is cheap.
    Many cat owners are unaware of the dangers of using clay litter because no scientific studies have been done to clearly show why it is bad.

    Availability, performance, price, and awareness. And this is all controlled by the BIG manufacturers who have huge marketing budgets and distribution channels and who have dominated the cat litter market for years. Well, things are starting to change with several new companies now producing excellent non-clay litters and some of the big manufacturers also adding non-clay litters to their line.

    A summary of why clay litter is bad:


    Clay is strip mined to produce clay cat litter.
    Used clumping clay cat litter NEVER biodegrades in the landfill.


    Clay litter contains silica, which is a known carcinogen when inhaled.
    Clumping clay litter contains sodium bentonite which expands to 15 times its volume and forms an INSOLUBLE mass when it contacts liquid. It does the same thing when cats ingest it as they groom themselves after using the litter box.

  3. As mentioned in a previous article, my cats prefer fine grained litter and it does seem to be better at absorbing waste than the large granuled version.

    Regardless of brand, litter tracking has always been somewhat of a problem, but seems especially worse with my recently adopted cat. I decided to try one of those looped fibre, litter mats and it seems to help. When I shook it, I was surprised how much litter it had captured.

    There is a more expensive litter mat called the Black Hole which gets very good reviews and I’m tempted to splash out on one of those.

    • Thanks for the tip about litter mats. At the moment Gabriel is going out and he goes to toilet outside. It still scares me a bit that he goes out but, I decided it was safe enough and he’s a cautious boy.

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