Skidaway Island’s Kittie Ghetto

Skidaway Island’s Kittie Ghetto

by Laura

Skidaway AKA Skidz

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Skidaway AKA Skidz

I love cats and I go to Armstrong Atlantic University in Savannah. We have many feral cats on campus, but one day I went driving out to skidaway island (bout ten mins away) and i saw a bunch of cats in a parking lot by a boat docking i drove in and got out of my car.

A few of the cats came right up to me and were very sweet, i followed the other cats into the woods. I was in awe! In the woods i saw even more cats and went farther back and saw even more!

People had put out a little house and such out, but it looked like other people joined and its like a city!!

I too go out and feed them. Recently the pregant cats had their kittens; in savannah it is soooo hot during the summer and some of the kittens died. One kitten looked so tired and hot, i didn't think he would make it. So i took him home with me. I wish i could've took more :(.But this cat is so sweet, im going to try and get the other cats homes.

If they're anything like my Skidz then they will make a purfect pet. He loves my dogs and they love him and he loves kisses and loves play fetch (really). He is great.


Skidaway Island's Kittie Ghetto to Feral Cats

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Skidaway Island's Kittie Ghetto

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Jan 26, 2011 I'd love to hear more about the cat colony
by: Courtney

Hi Laura,

I'm writing an article for SCAD District and would like to hear more about the Skidaway Island feral colony you mentioned. If you could provide me with any information on the location, I'd really appreciate it.



Jul 07, 2010 Kitty Ghetto
by: Dorothy

I agree, it is wonderful that the cats are fed and cared for, but it would be even better if you could find a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) program where you live. The cats could live out a long and happy life as a village of cats, without adding to the problem of dying kittens, fighting, disease (that could wipe out the whole village, if they were neutered and wormed and given vaccinations. It is traumatic for them, but in the long run, they can live in peace. The beauty of a village of neutered cats is - they keep out the others. The maintain their territory and keep the bigger problem of too many cats, suffering and dying at bay.

At least, it is something to look into. Many states have programs in place. If not, some (honest and caring) vets provide the traps and discounted surgeries. There is nothing more wonderful than a colony of cats, that are not over breeding. I have one here in my neighborhood on the Central Coast area of California. I feed two of them here on my patio, and the rest (12 or so) are taken care of by a wonderful lady who works maintenance at the local schools. She scoots around on her golf cart, always with cat food, and keeps track of the colony. Such a joy. There used to be more. I think it is working, at least here.

Good luck! And enjoy the little Ghetto.


Jul 07, 2010 Interesting
by: Michael

Hi Laura, I found this interesting. If you get a chance you might like to take some more photos. You can upload them in a new post using the uploader and I can then incorporate them into your original post.

Your experience seems to indicate the extent of the feral cat problem in certain parts of the US. I think the warmer weather generally helps. In the UK we just don't see colonies of feral cats like that - or at least I don't and I am pretty observant.

I would like to see this kitty ghetto!

Michael Avatar

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