Skinderlop cat looks like an alien who’s sat down for an intergalactic conference

The hairless cats including the Skinderlop can create some weird cat photos and this is one of them. She looks like an alien from Proxima b, a habitable planet four light years away, sitting down for an interplanetary conference. I’ve seen too many space movies.

Dolores the Skinderlop cat likes to spend time sitting
Dolores the Skinderlop cat likes to spend time sitting Photo: Pinterest.
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She is Dolores who lives with Rylee Rae, a graphic design artist and writer. They live in Toronto, Canada which is from where the founding cat of the Sphynx clan originates. The Skinderlop is a variant of the Sphynx being a cross between the Sphynx and the American Fold.

They are a strange race of cats with alien eyes (stereotypical). They are described as hairless but that’s not quite true as the adult cat has a few thin hairs (Robinson’s Genetics). The whiskers are short and bent. I can’t see any on Dolores.

Read more about the Skinderlop by clicking here.


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