Sleepy Cat’s Rapid Wake Up When Food is Mentioned

Does your cat wake up this rapidly? I think the answer has to be Yes, definitely. The description for the video is:

“…the word ‘food’ was uttered. This video shows Milk’s adorable reaction, followed by a yawn when he realises that food might not be on offer immediately.”

I don’t think it takes the utterance of the word ‘food’ to wake a cat this quickly and to get this sort of interested response but it might do. Cats do sleep soundly but lightly. They can get off to sleep fast and wake up very rapidly. This must be a hardwired response inherited from the wild cat ancestor as a means to survive.

The vulnerable, sleeping wild cat is able to go from deep sleep to complete alertness within about a second.

This video may disappear. I think it will so please don’t be surprised if the screen is blank. I have a feeling it has been downloaded and reuploaded. YouTube will probably delete it one day! That is the nature of YouTube. Update: I have used a better source for this video: Yahoo. It should stay.

Sleepy Cat Gets Rude Awakening – YouTube.

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