Sleepypod is the safest pet carrier in a car crash

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The Sleepypod pet (cat or dog) carrier has been described as the Cadillac of cat/dog carriers. In Britain it would be called the Rolls Royce of pet carriers. There are three reasons for this label:

  • According to the Center for Pet Safety (CPS), a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit research and advocacy organization in the United States dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety, it is the safest carrier in a car crash when the accessory the PPRS Handilock is fitted to ensure that the Velcro faster remains firmly closed when under great stress in a crash.
  • It is beautiful, comfortable and stylish.
  • It is expensive. It is in a different league to your typical car carrier but if you have the cash and the desire to fully protect your cat or dog in the unfortunate event of a car crash, this is the one for you. It would have prevented the loss of the cat in the story below.

Below is a video showing the Handilock accessory referred to above which ensures the Velcro faster can resist the enormous forces of a crash and remain closed. With the Handilock, the Sleepypod was the only carrier, as I understand it, that passed the CPS’s rigorous testing.

Both Sleepypod Mobile Pet Beds successfully met Center for Pet Safety’s criteria for a successful product performance. The simulants were fully contained and the carriers remained wholly connected to the test bench for the duration of the test.

CPS test result indicating a clear pass.

You can buy the Sleepypod on Amazon in the UK. I am sure that it is for sale all over the US including on Amazon.

Recent news of a car crash. Cat survives but flees through rear window

There is a sad story about a genuine car crash caused by a jackknifing truck. Three cars were involved. In one there was a cat in a cat carrier. The carrier burst open and the rear window was smashed allowing the terrified cat to flee the car, cross the adjacent carriageway and dash into fields. The cat, a Russian Blue type cat named Rooster (Roo) remains missing.

Rooster who was thrown from his cat carrier in a car crash
Rooster who was thrown from his cat carrier in a car crash. Image: Becca Huss.

The accident happened on the Interstate 94 near Monticello, Pennsylvania, close to the mile marker 191. Becca Huss is Rooster’s owner and the driver of the car. She was taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The story made me think of the best cat carrier in a car crash and so I searched for the answer which I have reported on above. The information comes from Ingrid King who used to be the owner of the Conscious Cat website until it was recently sold to

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The Sleepypod looks so good and comfy that it could double up as a cat or dog bed which is very handy for getting a companion animal familiar with it. This should make it much easier to get them into the carrier when going to the veterinarian. It also means it has more than one use which makes it easier to justify the price! I have just discovered that the Sleepypod is also called a ‘mobile bed’. Apt.

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