Small Paws

Small Paws

by Yewberry

Smallpaws dwell from the carrion and trash of the two-leg place. They were once cats, but as a antidote for a tick virus went incredibly wrong, the cats being tested have escaped, and have grown, becoming incredibly strong, having wings, making them swift in the air. A mark on their shoulder and head of interesting sorts, looking like a tattoo of odd purports. The leader has risen, name of shadow, wreaking havoc already, all cats are victims, or army worth already.

Smallpaws have a gland in their saliva like a snake would have poison, only to instead of poison, makes a cat change into a small paw, or die if the body rejects the change. Most Smallpaws are followers of Shadow, rising up to be called BloodClan. The Clan does not allow Elder Smallpaws, once your old? It’s over for your life. Unless you know some really nice smallpaw loners, which in sarcasm, there isn’t.

So the Clan is brutal and vicious as we know, but what happens when they find the forest cats? ThunderClan leader Yewstar is a victim of the demise.. (more later)

SkyClan’s Duskstar is wanting of power, for his small clan needs miracles to survive.

As for Shadow, Wind, and River clans? They want them out. It’s war time. But one cat gathers a patrol of secret “agents” out to make a stealth run in the place. One tom named “—” knows where they roost. But how does he know? No cat understands, but if he knows where they are living, it gives the cats a advantage of sabatage in the day. But the sun was dying, and the cats shuddered in fear, as they reeled in a alley-way, and the guide suddenly turns on them, growing into a small-paw and attempts to attack them. Only 2 survive the attack, as they tried very hard to return to their Clans. The cats dwell in the alley way! A advantage for front hand.

The Small-paws are afraid, as battles arouse. What will Shadow do? Or how about ThunderClan and SkyClan? What decisions will the leaders and warriors make? Be a small-paw, or die trying. Reject the idea, and run away sobbing. The Clans are changing, each growing stronger. Smallpaws versus Forest, the battle is coming!

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