Small wild cat species common names and scientific names plus lineage and location

Here is a complete list of wild cat species common names and their alternative scientific names which are always in Latin. I think you will find that there is potential for disagreement over the number of small wild cat species due to continuing discussions about taxonomy.

Leopardus guigna - Kodkod. Photo: Wikipedia.
Leopardus guigna – Kodkod. Photo: Wikipedia.
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LineageScientific nameCommon nameGeographic location
Bay catCatopuma temminckiiAsiatic golden catSoutheast Asia
Catopuma badiaBay catSoutheast Asia
Pardofelis marmorataMarbled catSoutheast Asia
CaracalCaracal aurataAfrican golden catCentral Africa
Caracal caracalCaracalAfrica and Middle East
Leptailurus servalServalAfrica
FelisFelis nigripesBlack-footed catSouthern Africa
Felis catusDomestic catGlobal
Felis chausJungle catNile Delta, Middle East
Felis margaritaSand catNorth Africa, Middle East
Felis silvestrisWildcatEurope, Africa, Asia
Leopard catPrionailurus viverrinusFishing catSouthest Asia
Prionailurus planicepsFlat-headed catSouthest Asia
Prionailurus bengalensisLeopard catAsia
Otocolobus manulPallas’ cat (Manul)Central Asia
Prionailurus rubiginosusRusty-spotted catIndia, Sri Lanka
LynxLynx rufusBobcatNorth America
Lynx CanadensisCanada lynxNorth America
Lynx lynxEurasian lynxEurasia
Lynx pardinusIberian lynxSpain (Iberian Peninsula)
OcelotLeopardus jacobitaAndean catSouth America
Leopardus geoffroyiGeoffroy’s catSouth America
Leopardus guignaGuigna (Kodkod)South America
Leopardus wiediiMargayCentral and S. America
Leopardus pardalisocelotNorth, Central and South America
Leopardus colocoloPampas catSouth America
Leopardus tigrinusTigrina (Oncilla)Central and South America
PantheraNeofelis nebulosaClouded leopardSotheast Asia and Southern China
Neofelis diardiSunda clouded leopardBorneo, Sumatra
PumaPuma yagouaroundiJaguarundiCentral and South America
Small wild cat species common names and scientific names
Jaguarundi in captivity. Photo: as per image.
Jaguarundi in captivity. Photo: as per image.

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