Smart cat treadmill unveiled at CES Las Vegas

Classy cat treadmill
Classy cat treadmill operated by a smartphone and with build in LED light pointer to encourage the chase. Photo: The Little Cat
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CES Las Vegas is the venue to show off new technology. The cat world has a new, smart treadmill (the Little Cat treadmill) which is operated by a smartphone and which features an LED light embedded in it which moves with the treadmill motivating the cat to chase it and run. It’s really clever.

It’s made by a Korean startup Pet Ding. The video provides me with hope that cats will warm to it and give it a go. However, the big question in the minds of potential buyers is, will my cat jump on and follow the light? It is not automatic that they will although cats are fascinated with pointer lights and this is very similar.

The manufacturers say 10 minutes exercise on the device should be enough. The device helps the cat’s guardian work out an optimum regime by calculating the cat’s BMI.

The machine also has an auto mode which provides ‘the ideal workout program for your cat and manage workout patterns’.

It’s is probably only for the well-heeled cat guardian because of its price: $1,800. My gut feeling is that 90% of cat owners couldn’t justify buying it or don’t have sufficient disposable income. And there will be a degree of skepticism I am sure but I wish Pet Ding the best of luck.

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2 thoughts on “Smart cat treadmill unveiled at CES Las Vegas”

  1. Cats need to be habituated to using cat wheels. Not all cats will chase a laser, not all cats are motivated to walk/run for food

    Bengals and some oriental types seem to be natural runners. In the UK, various cat wheels are for sale, the promotional material usually sows Bengals galloping happily.

    This wheel may sit unused, like many other cat wheels.

    Ten minutes is a long time for a cat to walk, without pause or purposeful motivation. Running for ten minutes is a stretch of the imagination, even fleeing in panic/terror, a cat will seek safe refuge first.

    As for BMI… Oh dear, it is a population tool, developed in the 50s by a human insurance company to give vague relative risk values when deciding who to insure or not. It has little real value when applied to humans, in anything other than crude terms. It gives no indication of body composition or fitness. Extrapolating BMI from humans to cats is utterly pointless.

    Plenty of cat wheels are available without the gimmicky, guardian appeasing aspirational add ons.

    What a waste of money. Poor cats being cared for by people with more money than sense.

    Quit feeding cats species-inappropriate junk. Enrich their environment in ways that reflect their & complement their unique biology and psychology.

  2. I’ve seen these circular treadmills for at least a year now and I also think they are a great idea, if the cats use them. I think it works as well if not better when you help your cat use it by coaxing with a cat toy and some verbal encouragement. It’s just as we also like a little company/encouragement when we exercise. The pointer light seems to work but sitting back and pushing a button is a little lazy, like many inventions (robot cats). But I have seen these treadmills work and think they’re great! The video demonstration could have been better and I have to add that not all clever inventions work in real life. I bought (second hand) a mechanical cat box that uses reusable granules that even flushes, but none of my cats have used it. Still, I’ll try anything, which is part of the fun of having cats.


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