Smash bang grab. Kitten rescue behind fireplace in intense video.

The house owners allowed rescuers to smash a large hole in their living room wall to find this kitten. This is an excellent cat rescue video. Well done to Hope For Paws. Great film making and what a rescue! It was very tense again.

Young kitten rescued from behind wall
Screenshot from video.
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The home owners heard the cries of a kitten behind their living room wall; stuck behind the fireplace. The team tried to get him out via the chimney and fireplace without damaging the house but to no avail.

I am impressed with the house owners for allowing them to knock down part of their wall but they had no choice I guess. And it is what is called a stud wall or dry wall; plaster board and therefore easy to repair. Nonetheless it is damage.

The moment of rescue is intense. It is a wonderful little movie. The kitten was rushed to an animal hospital where they worked in the early hours of the morning as the rescue concluded well after 2 in the morning; the middle of the night. This shows the dedication of the rescue team.

I love this team; so impressive. The happy ending is made happier when this little fella meets up with another little fella that Hope For Paws had rescued from the side of a freeway under equally pressured circumstances. They play and it is a wonderful moment.

Wow, this is as good as it gets in cat rescue.

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