Smokey The Persian Cat Who Loved Me

by Dezzaray Tanner
(Windsor, Pennsylvania)


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When I was like two I had a beautiful Persian cat. His name was Smokey and I called him 'mokey' as I could not pronounce the 's'.

My mother has told me all about him and he was a rather extraordinary cat... In fact I remember him even though I was very little.

This cat would follow me everywhere and at night you couldn't come in my room unless I was awake because he slept with me in my crib.

He'd wake my mom up if I woke up and he'd protect me from practically anything. We had a huge blizzard one year when I was really little and smokey got loose.

My mom was extremely worried as I wouldn't sleep without him. Yes I know you aren't supposed to let cats sleep with babies but my mom knew better than to take me away from my cat. He'd get extremely mad.

She says she thinks he thought I was his baby. Well anyway as soon as my mom thought it was OK to take me outside, due to not being able to find someone to watch me because nobody wanted to leave their homes, she started putting up pictures and lost cat signs everywhere.

A lady ended up bringing him home to us and was telling my mom about everything he'd been through and that if she ever needed a home for him she'd be more than happy to give him to her daughter who fell in love with him.

My mom was just about to tell her to take him home while I was still sleeping so I wouldn't cry when I crawled out (I used to pile up my toys and get out of my play pen) saw my cat in her arms and I yelled my 'mokey'!!

Smokey immediately jumped from the lady's arms and we went into the next room and "cuddled".

Well a time came some time after this that we were moving and couldn't take him so my mom called that lady and told her she could come take him.

I do still love my 'mokey' and would LOVE to get another Persian cat like him, but I have a dilemma.

I have no clue what KIND of Persian he is. I have a picture, and he is beautiful. I just need to find his breed as my mother doesn't know. All she says she knows is he was a rather rare color, a silvery grey.

Here's a picture of him where you can see he was a rather playful cat.


Hi Dezzaray... thanks for visiting and telling us your tender story.

In my opinion Mokey was a Blue Persian. The colouring appears to be solid. Blue is a grey/blue and is a diluted black in fact.

Incidentally other colours allowed by the cat associations for the Persian cat are black smoke and blue smoke. Mokey may have been a blue smoke but I can't tell from the picture (he looked silvery you say). The black smoke coat has black tips to the fur with whiter fur lower down nearer the skin - true smoke look! Here is a black smoke Maine Coon. The blue smoke will look silvery as the white parts of the fur lower down are glimpsed by us giving a silvery appearance. Another possibility is the BLUE CHINCHILLA SILVER with a pure white undercoat pure. There are lots of possibilities that produce a similar look to Mokey's.

By the way he is a traditional Persian not one of the extreme flat faced Persians so if you do adopt another Persian, specify a traditional.

Look for a blue or black smoke traditional Persian and call him Mokey again.


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Smokey The Persian Cat Who Loved Me

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Jul 31, 2010 Mokey
by: Ruth

Dezzaray that is a lovely story and it's so refreshing to read of a mother who didn't chase the cat away from the baby.
Yours watched over you and kept you safe, just as the best mothers do and you have grown up to love cats thanks to her.

I hope you find another cat a special as your Mokey was.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

Jul 31, 2010 Smokey
by: Petra

Hi Dezzaray, Smokey, or Mokey, sounds to have been a very special cat and he obviously loved you very much. I'm glad you have such fond memories of him. I just wanted to say I hope you do solve your dilemma and find out what breed he was, but first think long and hard and look into the future and be sure there are no more times coming where there are moves and you couldn't take him because cats are for life and you (and he) just might not be as lucky again as to find a kind loving home for him.

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