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Smoothie is a British Longhair cat who should make this breed more popular — 10 Comments

  1. Smoothie is a British longhair out of 2 British Shorthair parents (black Golden shaded x blue Golden tabby) , who both are carrier of longhair genes. But as with a lot of Golden British cats, there was crossmating in the pedigree with Persian to widen the genes since Goldens don’t have a lot of different bloodlines.

    I know all of this since Smoothie was bred by my sister, but she don’t breed anymore since 3-4years.

    The comparing with the Tiffanie breed I don’t get. Shape of the Jaws are way different, also ear size..
    Smoothie is nice because of her big perfect eyes, but as for the breeding standards of British Longhairs, she isn’t that perfect 😉

    • Christine, I am afraid I don’t know the name of the breeder. What I’d do it to search on Google, Instagram and Facebook using the following:

      “smoothie british longhair”

      and see if you can find the breeder that way. There would be a good chance. Good luck.

  2. She looks just like a golden chinchilla cross, especially because of the eye colour/eye-liner; and lack of ‘tabby’ marking in the coat. There were a lot of shaded silvers bred in BSH when seeking the chinnies …………. the LH recessive gene needs to meet another one to show up. Very pretty lady, indeed.

    • I agree with you Carol. I was a bit surprised she was described as a Brit LH. But there it is….Thanks for commenting.

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