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Smoothie is a British Longhair cat who should make this breed more popular

Smoothie is an astonishingly beautiful cat. She is super cute and very feminine. We are told that she is a British Longhair Cat. The British Shorthair is a well-known cat breed but the same cannot be said about the British Longhair.

Smoothie a British Longhair

The British Longhair is a very attractive cat breed. The breed is more attractive than the Persian because the Persian’s appearance has been destroyed by over-breeding or ‘ultra-typing’. I am referring to the contemporary Persian. The traditional or Doll Face Persian is not dissimilar to Smoothie in appearance and neither is the Australian Tiffanie. In the fact there is a close likeness between the Australian Tiffanie and this British Longhair.

Smoothie a British Longhair

I would say that the Australian Tiffanie is certainly one of the most attractive cat breeds and the same can be said about the British Longhair.

Smoothie a British Longhair

Smoothie is female and she has 433,000 followers on Instagram at the time of this post. That is a hell of a lot. It is confirmation that she is considered to be extremely attractive. Her eyes are amazing; enormous and round. The eye color is brilliant. Long hair is always popular and enhances the appearance for many people. She has an extravagantly plumed tail. She has a ruff and piles of fur between the toes à la the Maine Coon.

Smoothie a British Longhair

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Michael Broad

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    • Christine, I am afraid I don't know the name of the breeder. What I'd do it to search on Google, Instagram and Facebook using the following:

      "smoothie british longhair"

      and see if you can find the breeder that way. There would be a good chance. Good luck.

  • She looks just like a golden chinchilla cross, especially because of the eye colour/eye-liner; and lack of 'tabby' marking in the coat. There were a lot of shaded silvers bred in BSH when seeking the chinnies ............. the LH recessive gene needs to meet another one to show up. Very pretty lady, indeed.

    • I agree with you Carol. I was a bit surprised she was described as a Brit LH. But there it is....Thanks for commenting.

  • Michael__I Agree

    Smoothie is 'Beautiful'& Sweet'.
    I think this cat is unique in every detail.
    What a precious girl with a cute disposition.


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