Snow Leopard Prey

Plant material eaten by snow leopard
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This is a chart showing the prey profiles (my terminology) of snow leopards in three regions. You will note the high percentage of plant material. I speculate about this on this page. The amount of plant material consumed by the snow leopard is noticeably higher than any other cat, it appears.

The source material is “Frequency of occurrence of prey items in the diets of snow leopards (percentage of samples)” – Source: Wild Cats Of The World – ISBN-13: 978-0-226-77999-7. Buy this book!

The photo top left is of Tamarix. The snow leopard eats Tamarix twigs. Photo credit: stachowski (back soon) on Flickr

As can be seen by far the most common snow leopard prey is the blue sheep otherwise called the bharal or Himalayan blue sheep or naur.

Blue sheep
Blue sheep – photo by reurinkjan (Flickr)
under license.

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