Snow seal lynx Bengal cat

This is effectively a lynx (tabby) seal pointed Bengal cat with very faint doughnut shaped (rosettes) tabby spots against a snow white coat. Phew. Quite a cat. It the first time I have seen one but they seem to have become quite popular and accepted. It is a Siamese cat – Bengal cat hybrid in effect as far as I am concerned. That’s my take on this cat. The blue eyes come from the Siamese component I presume.

Pointed Bengal cat with very faint off-white spotted tabby coat
This is a snow seal lynx Bengal cat. Photo: Tatiana Moskalenko.
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I believe that they are called snow seal lynx Bengal cats. They look like miniature snow leopard according to one breeder. Since the first classic Bengal cat with the now familiar glistening, golden brown spotted tabby coat there has been a huge development of coat types, one of which is the snow Bengal. It has this clean, fresh white coat with, in this instance, very faint markings.

This cat is advertised on Facebook as for sale by Tatiana Moskalenko. He is male and is registered with The International Cat Association (TICA). He was born on 18th October 2020. He lives in Saint Petersburg, Russia and is Russian bred.

I have written about Bengal cats many years ago so I won’t repeat myself. Click on this link if you’d like to read the page.


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