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So….how big of a veterinary clinic bill did your outside cat run up when he came home injured? — 4 Comments

  1. Don’t worry folks, Europe will become just like the USA in a few years. We’ll all be declawing our cats, dressing them up in gawdy pastiche human costumes, feeding them the rendered down remains of euthenaised cats full of sodium pentobarbitol, like it was going out of fashion. We’ll probably import some bears, wolves and mountain lions too, not forgetting rabies.

    The future does looks bright….

  2. I adopted senior Nellie from GCAC needing a spay and enucleation aka eye removal. The primary visit and surgery totaled over $400. She was a stray and we don’t know what happened to her eye.

    Kitties are safer indoors.

  3. My most recent experience involves a colony kitty. I’m not sure what his initial vet visit was, but he’s had two others totaling about $240. $140 for one at Care and another about $100 at his new and current vet. He has a leg wound from a bite and the infection made its way to the bone. Him being FIV and Felv pos. makes it harder (not impossible to heal). He’s on two antibiotics (just came off one) and will do two rounds of one of them. On top of vet care, there’s food, litter, litterbox, beds, gas to drive and care for it. With helping colony cats there’s shelter, food, straw, water, gas to go help them, trapping efforts, etc. All of these things add up and are why community help is so imperative. We continue to help, regardless. Working together makes a difference though. Even $1 donated will add up. It seems small, but so does a grain of sand on the beach or a single rock on a mountain. Nothing is too small.

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