So…how many firemen does it take to save a kitten stuck in a dishwasher?

So…how many firemen does it take to save a kitten stuck in a dishwasher? Apparently, the answer is three. This is the happy ending story of a kitten at a rescue in Lower Hutt, New Zealand who found herself in a bit of a jam after following her heart’s desire to explore a dishwasher.

Photo courtesy Kitten Inn
Photo courtesy Kitten Inn
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Kitten Inn posted the story on their Facebook page November 22

“Hubby opened dish drawer and one of the kittens got up underneath and managed to get her head jammed in between the plastic of the drawer inner and the metal of the outside – meaning she couldn’t move forward or back without seemingly getting crushed or strangled. So I demand the phone and call 111 and three lovely firemen came around and they got on their knees and did some magical fireman thing and out she popped.”

Picture the awful moments before rescue. The kitten stuck in the dish drawer while other kittens were crying back as Kitten Inn workers were trying to figure out who to call, while at the same time trying to push the drawer to give the kitten more room to breathe.

Once the kitten was free, it was found in good health but dazed over its recent mishap. One of the firefighters planned to take two of the kittens at Kitten Inn home. Although not publicly announced, The New Zealand Fire Service is said to be responsible for this successful rescue.

This story shows, once again, that firefighters are AWESOME!

The Kitten Inn is a registered not for profit charitable trust based in Kelson, Lower Hutt. They take in unwanted pregnant cats, and kittens from throughout the Wellington region. They also regularly run discounted desexing programs to encourage and help people to responsibly desex their cats. More information can be found on their website.


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4 thoughts on “So…how many firemen does it take to save a kitten stuck in a dishwasher?”

  1. I think most firemen like this kind of call and rescue cats as often as anything. Fire and destruction are serious and depressing, but rescue a kitten and all is right with the world.

  2. Great cat rescue and happy ending story. Firefighters are great at rescuing cats and kittens and getting them out if jams. It happens all the time. They turn up and get the job done. I wonder if we realise how lucky we are.

    • And after all of the political posts and animal abuse stories out there people are thrilled to read a happy ending story. We all need more happy.


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