So you think a small, cute wild cat will make a nice pet?

WARNING: Turn your computer volume controls down a click or two before playing this video!

Some people are tempted into thinking that they’d like to keep a small wild cat species such as a margay, sand cat or Pallas cat (manul) as a pet. They love the exotic wild appearance and the kittens look so cute. First filial Bengal cats are close to a pure wild cat: the Asian leopard cat (the wild cat half) and they are impossible as is the Chausie (jungle cat x domestic cat). But some want to go the whole hog and turn a small wild cat into a tame pet.

The trouble is they don’t know what these cats are really like. They are bloody fierce. I’d like to play this video which I made some time ago again as a warning to dreamers who love exotic wild cats. The only way you can keep them as ‘pets’ is in enclosures outside the home and what’s the point of that. You are simply operating a mini-zoo.

It’s the sound track of two jaguarundi cubs arguing over food given to them by human caretakers. I have edited the sound track to remove the long gaps but other than that it’s exactly ‘as is’. And it is a bit overwhelming to be honest. Shocking almost. Well, whenever, I play it, it surprises me all over again. The ferocity of their argument is immense and there is genuine hostility in their voices. Imagine getting caught up in it or trying to stop it. You’d have to wear thick gloves and protection on your face and arms.

And look at the photos of these guys; they are cute looking. Stick to random bred domesticated cats even old guys and girls because they are the most laid back and the easiest to get along with.

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