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Sobbing owner relinquishes her two 16-year-old Birman cats — 2 Comments

  1. This is my main reason for living alone and independent, to the point of perhaps miles away from anyone if I can swing it. I will NOT be sent to a nursing home and leave my cats to the mercy or whim of anyone who won’t care, or even if they do. I’d rather die. Luckily I don’t have any family who I could not count on either. Actually my last girlfriend didn’t care about her own pets let alone mine and was the reason I left her. These horror stories are almost the worst, and along with adopting a blind cat one day I hope to take care of some poor old woman’s cats when she’s forced to give them up, which is inhuman. There should be another term worse than that but I can’t think of it. Why even have a family if they won’t care for your pets when needed. It’s the easiest way to show the greatest love.

    • Actually I just remembered I did take over care of a dog for a neighbor Lady around 18 years ago. It was so easy I forgot about it.

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