Social media and news media have united to find “Big Sexy” after the cat escaped during Calendar of Heroes photo shoot

The search for a missing black cat has united social media and news media following the escape of a longhaired beauty named Big Sexy (AKA Buddy) became spooked during a photo shoot with FDNY’s upcoming Calendar of Heroes.

Big Sexy AKA Buddy lost in NYC

NY Post has run multiple stories and even Inside Edition has joined the campaign to spread the word about the beloved cat. Owner Leslie Silbert is heartbroken and worried.

Big Sexy was at Engine 4/Ladder 15 on South Street on January 20 when he was spooked and ran under a fire truck. It’s believed that at some point he escaped the firehouse.

In an interview with NY Daily News Leslie updated those following the search stating

“I’ve gotten two non-Buddy possible pics.There’s been more media interest than kitty sightings. We are hoping hard that we find him. Most of all I hope he’s not suffering. If he could send me a postcard that said, ‘Hey, I found a better set-up, all is well, best wishes!’ I could deal. But the idea that my fluffy main squeeze is terrified and tortured with cold and hunger is what’s the hardest.”

The FDNY Calendar of Heroes collects proceeds that will go to the FDNY Foundation and Animal Care Centers and features firefighters and EMT’s with pets who were adopted from Animal Care Centers of NYC. Five cats and seven dogs were chosen to pose with the men and women of the department for the 2020 calendar.

Buddy was adopted from NYC ACC.

Anyone who has seen Buddy is asked to contact Leslie at (917) 826-2849.

Note: I chose the photo of Buddy alone for the feature picture because that gorgeous fireman was just too distracting. If you live in the vicinity where Buddy was lost, please keep an eye out for him.

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Social media and news media have united to find “Big Sexy” after the cat escaped during Calendar of Heroes photo shoot — 5 Comments

  1. Elisa, thank you so much for spreading the word about my missing main squeeze! I hugely enormously appreciate it! He is microchipped, but this crisis taught dummy over here that doesn’t mean he can be geo-located. If I get him back I will be getting him a GPS collar, which of course I wish he already had 🙁

  2. Cats are not the calmest animals at photo shoots. Those Santa ones are notoriously difficult. I’d love to hear if/when Buddy gets found and returned. Bad time to get lost too.

      • Yes. Guilt for getting your cat lost could haunt you to your grave. I made the mistake of taking my cat (by the same name!) for a ride, whereby he bolted from my car and hopped a wall where I couldn’t get to him (in a naval base). I did all I could to find him, and 3 weeks later he found our house (from 1/2 mile away). Very lucky. Hard lesson. Always have them either in a carrier or secured tightly with a harness and leash.

        And you probably shouldn’t let them drive no matter how much they ask to.

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