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Social worker for disabled children adopts kitty with additional needs

There is a beautiful match up here between rescue cat and adopter. The story comes from the Bridgend branch of Cats Protection in South Wales.

Arlo. Photo: Instagram accont: theartfularlo.

Arlo’s hydrocephalus (water on the brain) is congenital (present at birth) we are told, which causes a slightly misshapen head. So he looks a bit different with his head and his right eye but he was declared healthy and all he needed was a good home.

It’s wonderful that a good home arrived. Maybe it is karma. He was born with a defect (or defects) but has found just the guardian he needs; Davy, a social worker for children with disabilities. He was thinking about adopting a cat. He lives in a rural cottage. In Wales that must be very quiet and ideal perhaps for a cat to explore. I don’t know if he plans to let Arlo outside unsupervised.

Davy was encouraged to adopt Arlo by friends. I guess they saw the symmetry in the adoption. A guy who helps kids with disabilities who is ideally qualified to do the same for an adorable cat.

Arlo snuggled up contentedly. Photo: theartfularlo on Instagram. I love the way Arlo is described as handsome on Instagram. It is correct.

Davy visited Arlo and the more or less made an instant connection we are told:

He approached and gave me a lick, and I took that as a sign that we made a match. Just the first glance of him made me fall in love.

Arlo is great little cat with an excellent character. And Davy is a excellent bloke with an excellent character too. They are made for each other. It seems that Arlo sensed that when they met.

Cats Protection is a major cat rescue organisation in the UK who use a huge network of foster carers.


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