Socializing Wildcat Hybrids

Socializing wild cat hybrids is something that takes place on a daily basis to a high standard at A1 Savannahs and A1 Supremes. I am writing about this from a common sense standpoint. F2 Savannah cats are beautiful, rangy, active and intelligent cats and they have to fit in, as well as possible, into the lives of people. It could be argued that the process of making these cats well balanced in terms of domestication is at the core of the Savannah cat breeding business. Indeed it is at the heart of all cat breeding but perhaps more so in the exotic cat, wildcat hybrid, breeding world because these cats are naturally more demanding than the average domestic cat. If those demands come from a nice cat with a nice character all is well, there will be harmony in the household but if not trouble could be afoot.

What can be a part of the process of creating well balanced cats that interact with humans and other animals well is bottle feeding them (acting a mother):

I find this video interesting. I guess I would as I did the videoing. These little babies live in the Stucki’s house with them and they are fed at all hours by Martin and Kathrin Stucki. This is pretty demanding stuff at 3 in the morning but absolutely essential and there is no shortcut to the process. Do this plus the other socialization exercises and you’ll get a cat with a fine character. Miss it and you likely won’t.

Bottom line, it is the same kind of process that takes place regarding human child rearing. Below is another video taken just before the one above in which a young f2 Savannah cat (on of the Stucki’s own cats) plays with a wild Serval kitten. They get on just fine from the outset. They are both balanced cats with a good life ahead in a human world.

I had a very interesting and absorbing time at A1 Savannahs. The Stuckis were charming hosts and we were given a full tour of the cattery near Ponca City, Oklahoma, USA. Socializing wildcat hybrids makes for interesting video material, I think you’ll agree. It also shows us the cattery business at work, in one of the most high profile catteries in the world.

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