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Society should not persecute volunteers who struggle to help stray cats — 8 Comments

  1. What Albert said.

    I get this crap from neighbours. They see a cat in a bad way, whine loudly “someone should do something, it’s not nice to see”. I help the cat, no one else helps, yet all mock me as a crazy idiot, sometimes stopping me in the street to tell me I should help children, not cats.

    I detest these hypocritical morons. They do nothing practical to help any being, ‘cept make grand financial donations to human causes, when they have an audience. These people are privileged trash. Why should they be bothered who or what I help? I will help any being in need.

    Caring actively, is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. Caring for others is our natural state. We are born loving, sociable and non violent, if we weren’t, we would not have survived as a species.

    • I have a not so nice reply to those that toss the help the children thing at me. Humans can almost without fail control the consequences of reproduction. I then offer to donate a box of rubbers to the charity of their choice. My tax dollars pay for enough of human bad choices.

        • As much as I would like to I refrain from quietly slipping the same birth control items into carts where the adult humans are either incapable of maintaining any semblance of control of their offspring or they are obviously struggling to find the funds to fill the cart with healthy food. It’s not my business. However I really resent when someone tells me or my husband what we should donate to based on someone else’s perception. And if there were starving children on my porch I could call CPS and it would be taken care of. It does seem however that’s it perfectly acceptable to let those nasty feral cats starve to death or freeze and no one bats an eye. I batted an eye and I’m appalled at the treatment of the domestic cat in our society.

  2. Yeah, this is all too common, and the shame actually belongs on society that looks down upon nice people who end up helping these cats. If I had a purpose to buying a home other than for just a place for me to live, it would have been to house homeless cats. When I bought it I had 5, which grew to 15. These cats were just walking around homeless. My neighbors looked down on me but I managed okay (except for going into debt). I’m a man, which may have been better for me, but still people like to find reasons to complain about anyone, and I’ve been treated like a crazy cat person. If I were a woman it would have been worse. I do believe that the persecution can make a person feel very emotional and defensive; iow crazy.

    • I should cap it off by saying “crazy” is exactly what others think we are… irrational. Caring for helpless, sentient beings in need is not irrational.

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