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Sole Cat Survives South Australia Bushfire Which Destroys Boarding Kennels — 4 Comments

  1. Hello Michael
    My first comment on PoC! I’ve been reading your blog for awhile and have found a lot of interesting information here. I thought I just had to comment on this one because I live in Australia and I’ve experienced a bushfire. In fact every year we have bushfires in many different parts of the country. I think, like you said we don’t have all the facts about this event, and even if we thought we did, there would be many interpretations. The bushfire I was in was in was frightening. I had my three cats in carriers all ready to evacuate. By the time it seemed critical, we could no longer leave. The roads were all blocked. I’m thankful that the firies kept the fire at bay and there was no loss of life or property. In the case of the boarding kennal in Adelaide, I pass no judgement. I’m so sad for the owners and all the people who lost their pets. (By the way, I don’t think the cats or dogs were let out. They often tell people to stay inside if a fire is sweeping through your area, and to keep your pets inside too.) I have a friend who packed and unpacked her car and evacuated with her pets three or four times one summer because of fires in her area. I can’t imagine a boarding kennel being able to do that with hundreds of animals. And where would they take them? It was a natural disaster, like a flood, or cyclone or tornado. We think we can plan and control nature. Anyway, this was heartbreaking and I’m glad the one little cat was found alive. Many homes were burnt to the ground, but no human lives were lost.

    • Thanks Kathleen for taking the time to add your on-the-ground, personal experience and realistic advice. I agree with you. To criticise the owners and troll them is mad. It must have been terrifying anyway with the threat of serious injury or loss of life and the destruction of one’s property looking very possible.

      Bush fires seem to be more common in Australia than in the past which begs the question whether it is a blip in the weather patterns or global warming. If there is such a things as global warming than Australia will suffer while the UK will get warmer thankfully!

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