Solo the Ragdoll

by Alisha
(Seattle, WA)

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Solo is a 14lb neutered blue mitted Ragdoll, with a blaze. He is the chillest cat I have ever met, and follows me from room to room like a puppy. He will let me hold him as long as I want to, on his back with his tummy up! I love giving him belly rubs and often find him snoozing around on his back.

Solo's hair is sooooo soft and it doesn't tangle either! He loves to be brushed though and I do often to help with shedding. It is a total myth that Ragdolls do not shed, because Solo sure does!

I love my boy he is the best cat ever. He even does tricks like a dog, as he loves food so he was really easy to train πŸ™‚

He gets along great with my dog too, they wrestle and play... you would never imagine a cat and dog could play together the way they do.

I highly recommend this breed. Please be careful about purchasing your Ragdoll from a reputable breeder that screens for HCM and other things, and can show you the health clearances! Don't accept "yes I health test", demand to see the papers! Some people will end up with Ragdolls that are sickly, or shy and do not have the temperament they are supposed to if you don't buy from a reputable breeder.


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Solo the Ragdoll

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Oct 27, 2011 What a treat!
by: Grahame

Great pictures, and very nice layout,Alisha. What a novelty nowadays to see b&w photographs.

It has been a real treat to have 'met' your Ragdoll 'Solo' on POC.

I used to live in Seattle: Queen Anne Hill, and before that, Madrona. I rather miss living there. Seattle still had a small town feel to it then. A splendid place for kitties and their people. And for you!

Oct 27, 2011 Nice Post
by: Michael

Hi Alisha. I like your little article. Nice insight and Solo is stunning. Gosh.

Thanks for sharing. Ragdolls are in the top ten most popular cat breeds. I can see why.

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