Solunogen Allergen Inactivation Spray

by Michael

Sulunogen minimizes the symptoms of an allergic reaction to cat dander. It comes in the form of a spray or a wipe.

Sulunogen is a new product that is due to be released on the market internationally and nationally in 2012.

It is available now (December 2011) from Feeder’s Supply in Louisville, or from the office of office Dr C. Steven Smith at 1017 Dupont Sq North Louisville, Kentucky 40207. Phone: (502) 895-3330

Dr C Steven Smith an American allergist created the patented product.

I would like to try it out as I have become slightly allergic to Charlie my three legged cat. Cat allergy causes itching and typical cold-like symptoms.

Sulunogen is said to be effective against the cat allergen Fel D1.

Fel D1 causes a lot of problems with many cat caretakers who are excellent in their caretaking. It probably stops some people who are otherwise well qualified to care for cats from doing so.

I really don’t know how effective the product is. Has anyone used it?

On the basis that it is effective, and I have no reason to think that it is not, it may have a positive impact on cat re-homing as countless numbers of people would then be in the market to keep a cat. I may be too optimistic however!

Apparently 20% of the USA population have allergy or asthma symptoms. That is about 60 million people. Of these about 15% – 30% have an allergy to cats, it is said (these figures need verification). Say 20%.

On that basis 4% of the USA population is allergic to cats or about 12 million people.

Bring on the product! I hope it works. If it does it will make Dr. Smith rich.

This is his website.


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Solunogen Allergen Inactivation Spray

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Dec 15, 2011
I hope it works
by: Ruth

I hope it works too Michael, I will be interested to hear if it does.
It poses the question of what other excuse the many people will make who now surrender their cat because ‘they or their child are suddenly allergic to him’
If this product does what it says then that will no longer be a valid excuse.

Kattaddorra signature Ruth

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  1. I have used this spray when knowing that a guest (who is highly allergic to both cats and dogs) is coming to our home. She has severe asthma and several of her allergies (including cat and dog) trigger her asthma. However, when we use the Solunogen spray in all of the areas that our 2 cats and dogs frequent (pet beds, rugs, etc.)it has been HIGHLY effective. Our friend has never had a problem while she has been in our home. That tells me what I need to know.


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