Somali and Turkish Angora cats have a family resemblance

by Mary S

We are owned by both a red Somali (look up Mittsnpaws Miromax – the internet is full of pictures from his show career) who absolutely ADORES me and Pixie, a very playful and affectionate black smoke Turkish Angora (we also have Lecompagnon Valiant, a quiet but snuggly Chartreux).

Max and Pixie have very similar coat-length patterns with gorgeous plumed tails that they normally both carry upright; Max is much larger and heavier but they still look a lot alike except for their colors.

My theory is since Abyssinians probably originally came from India they stopped off in Turkey for a little R&R and then took the longhair genes they picked up on to Europe.

Max also becomes very excited when I cook/heat Indian food even though there is usually no meat or fish involved–the Indian theory again.

A cat attracted to curry would have been attracted to where there also was rice and therefore mice and rats to eat.

Anyway, we love them all.


Somali and Turkish Angora cats have a family resemblance to Somali Cat

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