Somali Cat in Denmark

This is a popular cat photograph by Finn Frode, a regular visitor and contributor to PoC. He hasn’t been around lately but I remember his love of cats. I am not up-to-date with his current cat companions. He might leave a comment. However, below is one of his photographs of his long haired Abyssinian – a Somali cat – in his garden on a post he has built for their entertainment. The garden looks ideal for cats. She is female and her name is: Dushara Cathal Caithlin (Caithlin for short).

Finn also built a catio. Finn is very involved in making the best out what he has to improve the environment for his cats – called “environmental enrichment” in the cat world! The sign of a cat lover, I guess. He takes a nice photograph too.

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15 thoughts on “Somali Cat in Denmark”

  1. Lovely photos of beautiful cats and great to see you back Finn ๐Ÿ™‚ I myself haven’t been on as much as I would like as I have to get Jinks out of his pen every evening to spend time with him playing and letting him exercise. The biggest thing is watching him like a hawk so he doesn’t get up to too much mischief! Very difficult now he’s feeling better!

    1. Your family of cats reminds me of a lady in Holland (Dani Roseboom) who loves Persians and Maine Coons. A very classy Danish cat family. Your beauty is truly beautiful.

  2. Thank you so much for your comments, you all. Besides being my wife’s cuddle cat and a loyal member of Snow White’s royal household, we also plan on taking her to catshows. Her sister Na Dorsa from the same litter has done so very successfully and both her owner and the breeder agrees that Caithlin is at least as good and maybe better.

    The breeder took Caitlin to shows, when she was younger, and she has taken titles in three major federations – FIFe, TICA and CFA. We are probably gonna test her in August to see if she still has the mind for it – and if she hasn’t, then she will of course be allowed to stay home from then on.

    I am aware that not all people like cat shows, but believe it or not – many cats do. Rags for instance enjoys the attention on the judge’s table and also seeing all the other cats. He is curious about everything and the shows offers so many new impressions. He is a natural show cat and what he lacks in his looks according to the standard, he makes up for with his personality.

    Anyway – here is another pictures of our little group in the garden last night. Snow White resting in front, Rags presiding their meeting to the left and Caitlin looking for birds behind.

  3. Hi Finn.
    I looked through your gallery of pics.
    Your cats are/were beautiful.
    You have some great shots of them.

  4. Hi everybody. Sorry for not being active here lately, but I’ve concentrated on a couple of Danish cat sites. As Rudolph says most of my cat photos can be found on my Flickr account

    The beauty on the picture is the latest addition to our little group of mature neuters. She is a 6ยฝ year old ruddy Somali from the same cattery (Dushara) as we got Rags from a few years ago. She has adapted beautifully to her new life here with Rags (also Somali) and Snow White (tuxedo mixed breed). We feel very privileged to be entrusted with her, as she was one of the breeder’s favourites – now she is my wife Lene’s cuddle cat and sleeps next to her as old Milly used to do.

    Bringing adult cats together can be difficult, and we were a bit worried she might upset the balance. Luckily she has accepted that Snow White is the leader – in case she forgets she gets a wry look from the Princess and that settles things. Rags has become more busy as he now has two ladies to serve, but he is such a kind cat that really does his best to please them both. And they love him for it. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You got a result with the introduction of Caithlin, which is very pleasing. They look like a harmonious trio in the garden, which is a nice size so you can keep an eye on them.

      Caithlin is a sparkling cat. Very attractive. Gloriously rich coat color. Thanks for sharing again Finn and I hope you are all well.

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