Somali Cat


Hardy generally – few health issues – this breed may suffer from (a) gingivitis (gum disease), not untypical in cats generally (b) may be prone to a form of anemia called AIHA. The Abyssinian has some reported genetic disease issues which would concern Somali cat keepers. See Genetic Diseases in Purebred Cats (new window). See also Abyssinian Appearance/Character & Health.

It has been reported (Tufts conference Sept. 2007) that this cat breed (and Bengals and PRA, Persians and Abyssinians) can suffer from a disease called Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). It is inherited and due to mutated genes. It causes blindness. It affects other mammals including people. In Abyssinians it is late-onset.

It is also reported that in the 1990s the Somali cat tended to suffer from a congenital condition (problem existing at birth) that caused dental problems resulting in the need for dental surgery. You might like to read this: My blue Somali kitten has a red abscess on her back teeth.

Nenatatl erthrolysis which can affect Abyssinian cats can also afflict the Somali cat. This disease causes the destruction of red blood cells in newborn kittens and is a major cause of fading kitten syndrome

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. It occurs when the mother has the rarer blood type B and the kittens have blood type A.


Top listed (first 3 pages) free standing cattery websites on a Google search produced this (update: both listed no longer trading – sorry)

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Located North Truro, Massachusetts, USA. Bengals, Abys and Somalis.

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Located, where else, in Chicago, USA. Occasional Abyssinian and Somali.

Somali Cat
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