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Some Basic Statistics Concerning Cat Obesity (USA) — 4 Comments

    • Good thought. But we have an obesity epidemic in people over here. I agree about the exercise. It seems Brits feed their cats too much. Probably free feeding dry cat food. Lazy cat ownership. Also as a cats gets fatter they become less active so perhaps there is a connection there.

  1. I think that obesity is linked to dry food, which is very popular and convenient. It’s higher in carbohydrates than meat based foods. The combination of high carbs and lack of exercise creates more weight….and ultimately a health problem.

    In looking at the lists, I notice some repeat in certain states, which makes me wonder if it’s lack of knowledge about healthy pet food, or lack of local healthy pet food options.

    On one hand, we have people feeding their pets tasty food that they themselves eat. On the other hand, we have people who feed the cheapest food. Both groups may see their pets as “family”, but treat them very differently.

    Another point is that pets who over eat may be trying to satisfy themselves because the food they’re given is lacking in good nutrition.

    I wonder if cats who are fed raw are ever over weight, unless they’ve just been recently transitioned. I’ve never seen an overweight feral who lives mostly by hunting, except for sometimes begin fed by colony caretakers.

    We’re making our animals fat, and sick. And it’s costing us plenty, just to keep them alive with vet treatments and expensive diets with unhealthy ingredients.

    • Thanks for the comment Sandy. I am always shocked at the high percentage of obese cats and it is not just America. The UK is almost as bad. It seems to me that we have a breakdown in the human/cat relationship if we can’t, at the very least, feed our cats properly and ensure that they are reasonably healthy because obesity is a very unhealthy state.

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