Some Funny Cat Pics and the Truths Behind Them

The funniest cat pictures are the ones which are based on truths about domestic cat behaviour. They reveal something about cat behaviour. Here is a nice selection of a dozen pics. I have added a short commentary on how I see the truth behind the picture.

Funny cat pic

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Insects are one of the prey items of the domestic cat but down towards the bottom of the list. Their preferred prey is a mouse but insects provide a lot of fun in trying to chase them and domestic cats will eat them, of course, just as the wild cat ancestor does in the wild. In my home, a certain species of spider likes to live in the space between the wall and ceiling and perhaps these cats are looking at same species of spider although it appears to be dead centre in the ceiling in this instance with the cats having no prospect of chasing it which is why they look longingly at the spot.

Funny cat pic

Sometimes domestic cats do meow at 4 am in the morning. If a healthy cat is doing this then he or she is doing it because at 4 am in the morning the domestic care is wide awake and ready to go. This is a time when the domestic cat is at maximum performance because it is around sunrise and the moment when prey is most available. So despite what the words in the picture say, there is a reason! Secondly, if the cat is geriatric sometimes they become confused during the night as a result of which they meow and howl. This behaviour, it is thought, is associated with reduced brain function or in short early dementia.

Funny cat pic

What we see as a nice present for our cat is based upon human criteria and knowledge of cat behavior (hopefully). Our criteria does not always square up with the criteria that domestic cat uses when making a selection. I wonder how many items had been bought by people for their cat which might have been used a single time or hardly at all. The consumer market for pet items is targeted at people and cats don’t always have the same references.

Funny cat pic

The domestic cat does not understand jigsaw puzzles obviously. The domestic cat not understand a lot of the things that we like to do because they live by their rules and therefore they do not know that they are getting in the way or interrupting what we are doing. The domestic cat relates to us as another cat and therefore expects us to behave like one. For example, my cat asks me to go outside at 4-6 in the morning because he wants me to go out with him. He does not understand why I don’t want to go outside at that time. He is disappointed in me. He goes by himself eventually.

Funny cat pic

This is a nice domestic cat truth. Cats, or a least most cats, like to be rubbed on their belly but it can very easily be overdone because it can stimulate rough play and when a domestic cat engages in rough play he bites quite firmly as part of the playing process. The belly rub can develop from a gentle act of stroking to provocation to play/fight and then that state of affairs can develop into excitable play which often hurts the person which ends the playing session!

Funny cat pic

We know what this one is about. Cats love our body scent. Scent or smells are a major part of their lives and therefore they like to lie on objects which carry our body odor such as a shirt and other items of clothing. The bed can also carry are scent but it is usually inside the covers on the underside of the duvet. My cat likes to come inside the bed with me for this reason and because it is warm.

Funny cat pic

Shedding fur is a natural process for the domestic cat. There are no non-shedding cats. The shedding of fur is dictated to by the surrounding (ambient) light. As there is more light in the spring and in the summer shedding takes place and as there is less light in the autumn and winter there is less shedding. For indoor cats the conditions are constant in respect of light therefore the shedding process is different. Cat hairs are a problem to some people and indeed for some people it is an aspect of keeping a domestic cat which puts them off totally. I use a specialist brush to pick up air from my bed. Other than that I use a standard hoover. I always hoover were when my cat is outside. Grooming your cat helps remove fur in a controlled way which would have been shed.

Funny cat pic

The domestic cat likes to sit on our seat because that seat carries our scent. A good cat caretaker, sometimes, does not want to disturb their cat and therefore they do without their chair for the time being. Or in this instance perhaps the guy just likes to work like that.

Funny cat pic

Only humans know why the domestic cat has become such a major hit on the Internet. For some reason or other the funny cat picture gained traction and is perhaps the single most common source of amusement on the Internet together with cat videos. I wish that the level of amusement was matched by the level of cat ownership responsibility on the ground.

Funny cat pic

This picture once again illustrates that the domestic cat has a different body clock to ours and that they are active at dawn and dusk and often throughout the night because these are the moments when they are normally hunting. Although domestic cats do also hunt during the daytime.

Funny cat pic

Cats like to sit on warm objects. Inside the box there is a warm, freshly cooked pizza and the cat likes it! Perfectly normal.

Funny cat pic

This final picture is once again about the cat’s love of our scent or how important smells are to a cat. A lot of us have experienced the desire of our cat to join us in the bathroom when we are on the toilet! My cat always follows me to the toilet when I’m having a pee. When I’m in the middle of it he likes to jump up to a window frame and as the window is normally open and right next to me, he can look at me at head height and also look outside. This is a habit and he does it unfailingly. It is the scent of my pee which drives this activity. Sometimes he likes to nose touch (a gentle greeting) and I have to do this while peeing. At other times he jumps out the window…bye bye.

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3 thoughts on “Some Funny Cat Pics and the Truths Behind Them”

  1. I like these way better than some of the lame ones in which the human is obviously tormenting the cat just to get a cute photo or a video.

    That last one really cracked me up. My boy Bandit loved to watch people in the bathroom but sometimes he wasn’t fast enough to slip in before the door closed. He couldn’t figure out how to lay down and peek in underneath the door. I had to show him. From then on anyone who used the bathroom at my house was under surveillance by a big pair of golden eyes. That little peeping tom just needed some help.

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