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Some Interesting Information about Pet Adoption in America — 7 Comments

  1. No, most all rescue groups don’t have shelters. The members (many,many) of an organization take cats into their homes and foster until adopted.

    Some have as many as 50 residing inside their home and adopt them out by way of the organization’s methods; in my case, they are presented at Petsmart.

    And, applications for adoption require that cats are inside only.

    In the UK, is it required that adoptable cats be tested for FIP, FIV, FeLV? Mandatory here in most cases.

  2. Pet stores here, today, are few and far between. Most people tripped to their game long ago.

    I applaud people who adopt from a shelter as long as they accept that what they have is “as is”.

    Adoptions through private rescues are safest. There may be a higher price than shelters, but they can be comforted that vaccinations, testing for major maladies (FIV, FeLV), and microchipping is done.

    • Thanks Dee. How do you define “private rescues”. I presume you mean individuals who are engaged in rescuing rather than rescue organisations.

      • Private rescues are organizations that foster and adopt out, like the one I work with. All cats live in the fosterers homes and are adopted out by “adoption days” or through Petsmart.
        It’s all on the up-and-up.

        They’re certified healthy, vaccinated, tested, and microchipped to the rescue group.

        There are rules and regs that potential “owners” must comply to. One is that the adoptee will never be allowed outside. No comment… But, safety is foremost here. Should any cat from a rescue group be killed in the road, no rescue group (they are networked) will allow them to adopt out again.

        • Private rescues are fosterers working with shelters? Is that correct.

          It is strange but in the UK the rescue organisation I fostered Gabriel for (and then adopted) insisted I let him outside. When I said I’d rather build an enclosure they threatened to take him back! You may remember.

          This is the opposite to your rules. As it happens I do let him out now. It is 95% safe where I am. No traffic. Touch wood. It is the UK way.

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