Someone Coloured in with Marker Pens the White Fur On Two Black and White Kittens

This is a new departure in cat cruelty. Somebody has used two different, permanent marker pens to colour in the white fur on the face of two black-and-white kittens. It is as if they were trying to fill in the blank spaces in one of those painting by numbers toys.

Smurf and Shrek
Smurf and Shrek — Photo: ROSS PARRY
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You would have thought that this was carried out by children but the charity who is looking after them, Bradford Cat Watch Rescue, believes that the markings were not made by children. They described the incident as shocking and a dreadful act of cruelty.

The kittens have been named Smurf and Shrek. Miss Lloyd at the charity rightly says that this is a first in respect of acts of cruelty.

Smurf and Shrek
Shrek and Smurf – photo copyright Other.

The charity sought veterinary advice just in case the ink was poisonous to cats because as we know cats wash their faces with their paws and in doing so ingest whatever is on their face.

The kittens were handed into the charity. The police are involved. The police say that there is no mother cat in the property where they were found. The police were at the property due to another animal welfare issue which involved a dog and drug-related issues.

The kittens are feeling better apparently. The colour ink is fading and they’re now feeding. At present the charity is not concerned with rehoming the kittens because they need to make sure that they can return to good health before considering that option.

Source: Sky News.

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