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Someone glued a kitten to the road and this guy saved her — 11 Comments

  1. Total heros, Chuck Hawley & Michael Broad!

    My loathing of those who did this to the kitten extends to engulf those who drove past or around/over the kitten.

    I only have a litany of serious profanity for them. Scummy, selfish cowards is about as polite as I can manage here.

    Never look away, ever.

  2. If it was a puppy there would have been a ring of cars around it and several police cars and the fire dept called. But it was a cat.

  3. Good for Mr. Hawley and of course the kitten. Cruelty seems to be a hobby with some people these days. The moral conscience of the entire U.S. has been led in the wrong direction by our “leader” and the politicians who support or tolerate him. The public is at fault too. We’ve been going down this wrong road (as it were) for a long time, but now it’s faster and faster. We who see this and want to counter it should step up our efforts and take every opportunity to do the right things as openly and conspicuously as possible. The more attention the better. Set a good example and give other hope. I also have stopped traffic to help injure animals, putting myself in danger. It’s always the right thing to do, for the animal as well as society in general now.

    • CORRECTIONS: “to give others hope” and “to help injured animals”. Micheal, I’ve mentioned before and I still think it would be great to consider making it possible for a few minutes to edit our comments before locking us out. It would save having to add correction replies to our own comments, too, like this.

      • I totally agree about the editing comments. The trouble I have is that the current software is standard WordPress. I’ll have to use a ‘plugin’ for the comments and I have been trying to remove some plugins because they slow down the page load times. I am wrestling with the technical issues of speeding up the site. I have to balance page load speed against the convenience of letting visitors edit comments.

        • Thanks, I understand, and I’ll try to proof-read my comments better before committing them. I just hate when mistakes slip by me. The one I made above where I said (I help injure animals instead of injured) was a doozy.

    • My late husband’s 90+ year old aunt broke her hip and fell into Good Hope Road (a major thoroughfare in the suburban Milwaukee area) while taking her trash to the curb and nobody stopped. One truck not only buzzed past the white haired lady laying in the street, he didn’t even completely move into the next lane as he did it, narrowly missing her.

      She’s ok now, and somebody did eventually stop and block the lane with his vehicle, but not until at least 100 cars had driven past her. It is no surprise to me that people don’t care about animals in the street. They won’t even slow down or move all the way over to go around an elderly woman in the street.

  4. Thank you Chuck Hawley. Your good deed has been acknowledged. Every action produces a reaction. This is the law of the universe.💜💜☮️☯️

  5. Well, I once chased down a pickup truck driver that swerved to hit a young rabbit on the road. And at the first stoplight got out of my pickup and stood in front of his truck, arms crossed. He changed into the left hand turn lane. I hope that he regretted his moves. I can’t even begin to comprehend this *sshole’s decision to torment a harmless animal’s helplessness.

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