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Something Around Cat’s Butt On Sides

Something Around Cat’s Butt On Sides

This stray cat is hanging around the house. I checked to see sex and there is something on both sides of her butt, looks like little rice bits is this the same thing worms?

Hi…. Yes this is almost certainly tapeworm segments that are crawling in the fur around the anus of this infested cat.

I have three main pages on tapeworms in cats:

Tapeworms in Felines (opens in a window or tab).

Cat Deworming

For parasites generally please see:

Cat Parasites

Hope this helps.

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Something Around Cat’s Butt On Sides

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Feb 26, 2011 Deflea too
by: Ruth

Michael is right.
Just to add, when you get worm medication for that cat you need to get flea medication too as it’s fleas that carry worm eggs.
Don’t worry, the treatments will soon clear them up.

Michael Broad

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