“Sometimes cats are better than people” – Rachel Riley

Judging by Rachel Riley’s social media communications and photograph I have to come to the conclusion that she likes animals. That may be simplistic and rather obvious but at the same time I think it’s important. It’s nice to have a celebrity on the side of animals and with a voice for animals.

Rachel Riley and her Ragdoll cat. Photo: Screenshot from video on her Instagram account,

In this instance, Rachel Riley was communicating with a Twitter user (we don’t have the person’s name) who was ill and had to go to hospital. It was a bad time to go to hospital because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Rachel Riley was sympathetic and in that conversation she said that “Sometimes cats are better than people, sorry lovely. Hope you’re okay XXX”.

Riley’s Tweet

Riley has a nice Instagram webpage. She presents nice quality photographs on it. Amongst them is a short video of her (pregnant at the time) and her cat. It is an interesting video for a cat lover like myself because the cat is a Ragdoll and this looks like a particularly nice example.

Please note that sometimes videos such as the one above disappear on this website because they are removed at source and I have no control over that. If it happened I apologise.

The cat is kneading Rachel on her stomach. Rachel says that it is her baby’s first massage. I guess all the cat lovers in the world will understand what is going on. Her cat is kneading her belly because he/she is happy and it is a sign of affection. It is the adult cat’s version of a kitten kneading at their mother’s breast to encourage the flow of milk. We see it all the time and I’m sure you know the instinctive behaviour behind it. Her cat is reverting to a kitten-like state in this interaction with Rachel.

Rachel Riley is also an animal lover which goes together with being a cat lover. She posted a photograph of a koala from the Australian wildfires asking for people to join in and help.

If you want to know how many cats she has it appears that she has one namely the Ragdoll cat I refer to and which is in the photograph and video on this page.

Ragdoll cats are very modern in one way because they are the most suited to full-time indoor living. With greater urbanisation Ragdoll cats are becoming more popular. It is not true, however, that all Ragdoll cats are floppy like ragdolls! I guess you realise that. They are individuals and they have their own character although, through selective breeding, the Ragdoll cat is generally more laid-back and therefore more suited to indoor life than the other cat breeds.

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