Sometimes I’m a Handful by Furby

By Furby the Feral

Furby Crazycat - photo by Elisa Sammons

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Furby Crazycat - photo by Elisa Sammons

Hi everybody! It's Furby. I want to tell everyone a BIG secret. Sometimes I'm not as sweet as I look. Mama calls me a "handful." Is that bad? Let me tell you all what I did this week and you decide and see if you can top my week.

On Monday I was playing hockey. Yes, I have toys but I get bored or something looks fun to bat around and I don't think. So I played hockey on the bar Monday morning while Laura was washing dishes. She had her cell phone on the counter. No I didn't knock it into the dish water so don't even say it. I knocked it into the big dogs water bowl on the floor.

I've never seen Laura's face turn that color before. Uck-oh. Anyway, Laura put the phone in a container with rice and it started working again Wednesday. Laura should THANK me because mama ordered her another cell phone before her old one dried out. Thanks to ME Laura has 2 phones now. Yea Furby!

On Tuesday Laura made me cornbread and soup. I LOVE soup, especially tomatoes. So I got on mamas plate to help her out and the next thing I knew there was butter on my tail. That night ended badly. I ended up covered in butter by trying to lick it off. That's when Laura decided to give me a bath. I really don't mind a bath. I'm a good kitty and will take medicine or let Laura clean my ears or anything.

I'm glad mama was home. Laura was going to give me a bath using the DOG shampoo. Mama told her not to if it had pyrethrins in it.. I'm SO glad mama is smart. She knew the shampoo could have hurt me because she's read up a lot on cats.Here's some links to other things that are bad for cats: Plants Poisonous to Cats, Cat Poison, Pain Relief Medicine (without care).

I got a good old Dawn dish detergent bath. That's what they use for critters in the wild when they get yucky from oil spills. It didn't take much and I felt so good after my bath I went to sleep. If its good enough for penguins its good enough for me.

Wednesday didn't go any better. I jumped on the computer and broke the "shift key." Then I jumped on the stove and turned on a burner. Do you think the excuse "I want to learn to cook" would help? Some days I'm not too smart.

Thursday was great and nothing bad happened. Mama made some pictures and MOO-vies of me. One of them is on my fan page. of me and Laura playing tug-of-war. This is the way I steal food off a plate too. I just grab it and run! Mama says if I keep trying that with her food she's gonna put me in my cat house and feed me there. Wouldn't that be great! I sleep in there so it would be like breakfast in bed. Unless she locks me in my house. That would be like - JAIL.

Friday wasn't any better. My favorite place to look outside is sitting in the window on top of the air conditioner. I was sitting on the air conditioner and it attacked me! It growled and made a horrible noise at me and blew out cold air. I jumped off and turned mamas drink over (note from Joyce-it had a lid) and got away before something bad happened. How embarrassing! Mama laughed at me!

Did any of you have a bad week? Mama did. She can't get one of my MOO-vies to upload and her computer quit working last night. So far it's OK today. It's a good MOO-vie. I'm washing up in it and you can see my beautiful toes. I wash between my toes and you can see my claws and everything. I'll let everyone know when it's ready to watch.

Please tell me if your kitty ever did anything bad. That way I won't be alone.

If it's funny enough I may try it out on mama.

By Furby the Feral

Sometimes I'm a Handful by Furby to Feral Cats

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Sometimes I'm a Handful by Furby

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Jun 21, 2010 He's rarely alone
by: Joyce Sammons

When I'm not here my daughter Laura is. Plus we're on different sleeping schedules so one of us is usually up with him. The knives are always turned down in the dish strainer. We just have to make sure there's nothing he can knock down into the water bowl. He's too big to get into the refrigerator. Our main checkpoint is the clothes dryer because he likes to sneak in when we have our backs turned. We always do a cat count before turning on the washer or dryer. He just likes to make everything sound like an adventure.

Jun 03, 2010 What a handful
by: Ruth (Monty's Mom)

How do you ever leave the house and not worry about Furby? He is one cat that cannot be left to his own devices. Monty isn't quite that much of a handful. But he did get a bath two weeks in a row. I sometimes let him be outside with me off leash so I can throw a toy and he can really run after it without my trying (and failing) to keep up. Two Mondays in a row he ran under my '76 Toronado on the driveway and got his back all greasy under there. Luckily, like Furby, he doesn't mind baths too much. I just wish he'd leave the bees alone outside. He keeps going for bumblebees-- big buzzing cat toys. He's gotten stung on the paw twice, but he still goes after them!

Mar 26, 2010 hes so cute
by: kathy

I know you cant get mad at that face. The only thing my sweetie is doing that is bad is she insists on climbing to the top of the screen when the window is open. Well shes allowed right now because she only weighs about 4 lbs. and until she claws a hole in the screen. She knocked over my ice tea and got the table all stickey. But thats my fault because she is allowed to get on top of whatever she wants. Shes a princess so she gets to do whatever she wants except attack the plants. Then only a shake of the spray bottle stops that.

Mar 21, 2010 Furby
by: BJ

Furby I am so sorry that you had a bad week. All cats have these days, my cat (names evanrude because he purred so loud), was an outside cat and that takes in a whole new territory for cats. He loved to bring presents to me, mice, chipmunks,birds, lizards,rabbits. He always made sure they were alive and well, he would come in his kitty door making a strange meow (which means I brought you something) and drop it on my feet alive, so I had to chase it around the house and put it back out.

People also have bad weeks, my week was terrible. I started off spilling a glass (big glass full) of milk on my bedroom floor which is hardwood. I had to scramble to get it up before it ruined the floor. That night the pc froze up and I had to pull the plug on it. The next day I started dropping things, the phone, food, a stack of paper for the printer and the tv remote, all the batteries came out and rolled all over the floor.

Cats are the best comfort to anyone, when you pet a cat it takes away stress and makes its owner happy.

Mar 21, 2010 video
by: Joyce

Thats why I'm sending you the CD. It won't upload so i'm sending both to you so you can put on YouTube for me

Mar 21, 2010 Video
by: Michael

I liked that video of Furby playing tug-o-war. Tell me where an embeddable version is and I will put it on the page.

Mar 21, 2010 That picture
by: Joyce Sammons

Everytime I see that picture the same thought goes thru my head-I've never seen that expression on a LIVE cat.

He forgot to mention he tore a 6 inch hole in a bag of dog food. Either he did it or I have a 50 pound rat.

I'll send you his videos on a CD. The one that won't upload is a clip that's about a minute long and he laying on a jade cloth washing up. He looks up at the end, shakes his head and stares at the camera. It would be great on a declawing article. Its beautiful how he stretches his toes and washes between each toe.

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