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Sometimes The British Are Wrong to Let Their Cats Go Outside All the Time — 1 Comment

  1. I’m not sure that trying to change a cultural mind-set over night by legally obliging cat owners to keep them indoors at all times would have been welcomed or easily enforced. However, the Scottish authorities could have legislated for mandatory neutering of all domestic cats to help avoid interbreeding with the Scottish wild cat.
    Alas as with many governments, the preservation of native wild species was not high on their agenda and still isn’t.

    Whilst it’s true that many of us Brits allow our cats outside during the daytime, I can’t think of a single UK cat welfare organisation or vet, who would encourage owners to let them free roam at night. For me, the dangers of night traffic and more potential for cats fights, mean I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night unless I knew they were safe indoors.

    “There should be more full-time indoor cats in the UK.”

    Interesting comment. Whom do you think those cats should be?

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