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Sometimes We Should Accept Being Bitten By Our Cat — 4 Comments

  1. I’ve never met a cat that didn’t at least give ‘love bites’. My youngest cat is a nibbler and nibbles on everything she’s rubbing on, especially fingers and noses.

    When playing with cats and kittens, if they bite too hard, I hiss at them. It’s what they do with each other and eventually they understand to be more gentle.

  2. All of mine give love bites. Kitten never seen another cat until she was 18 months old. She was a bit of a weed whacker. I accepted it as part of her not learning better and my sub standard first time parent with a hand raised baby. She did mellow out with time and lots of patience. Mook and Mercy both give me love bites when grooming my hand at night or just being playful. I don’t have a scratch on me. If we had children in the house I might feel different.

  3. >>>Sorry for the typo’s above and a special note of caution here: It should be stated that it is NEVER justified in any way to lash out physically or verbally on an animal.

    The feral cats reactions are all she knows and uses to survive. How could we possibly step in her paws nor her walk in our shoes. Love is the only cure here.

  4. My indoor [ mostly] cats are trained to not exhibit negative behaviors-so we live copacetic.
    There are times when your cat may be ill or injured or just overstimulated and will bite a little bit or perhaps lash out and scratch, but these are natural instincts and I try to immediately forgive and understand the reasons involved.

    My husband adopted [or rather they adopted each other] an outdoor stray who bites him out of the blue and for not apparent reasons that we can detect.

    He is new at being a cat parent, and has tried to respond in a gentle manner. This ploy does not work for and untrained cat; because the cat is confused and has no clue of human disciplines I believe that these two were made for each other! Eva

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