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Son drives over three cats with proud mum in passenger seat — 19 Comments

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  3. If they can’t find the bodies of cats that have been crushed or ran over and the police failed to impound the car for physical evidence as they should have. However not having physical evidence is not going to get them off the hook. The investigation based on their own words cost the police department money. And everyone should keep a screenshot so junior can have fun applying for those scholarships. They might delete it from their social media but what is put on the internet stays there forever. If there is no leash law for cats in that area then cat owners should demand they be arrested for terrorist threats. The world is full of consequences for people who haven’t committed an actual crime but had fun with law enforcement. Since she proudly posted her name and her sons it’s pretty much public record.

  4. I have ran over 1 cat in my life time and still today I remember the sound of the thud and looking in my rear view mirror and seeing her flop around on the highway until she died and I made a U-turn and parked and ran to her as she laid dead in the middle of the highway near Rutland,NY (Farming community) and at the risk of being hit by cars myself I wasnt about to leave her there and I picked her up with tears running down my face and went to 3 different homes to find her owner and a man pulled into the driveway as I was leaving and I told him wot happened and he said the owners lived across the road but they were not home so he took her and the next day I went to the owners home with a sympathy pet loss card and a plaque saying ‘My cats left paw prints on my heart’ so for this ungawdly black soul to do this I hope the same happens to her and her vile son.

  5. RIIIIGHT. Those who feel entitled to let their cats roam, contaminate and damage others’ property, and destroy billions of native wild species are the ones living in the dark ages. But what is really hilarious is all those people who actually think there’s a legal consequence for CLAIMING online that they ran over a cat without any other evidence. Considering how common it is to see “flat-cats” on our roads and highways–NOT because people are deliberately hitting them but because their irresponsible “owners” let them out–you’d pretty much have to have actual photos of the car going splatsplatsplat over the cats, record the license number and retrieve the “victims” as evidence before you could even get the cops to pay attention. Boasting on the internet isn’t a crime. ADVOCATING or CLAIMING to kill cats is not a crime. Want proof? I advocate permanent and lethal removal of cats from our environment all the time. And I also admit to practicing what I preach. All YOU have to do is catch me doing it, if you wanna file a criminal complaint that’ll hold water. As a “solicitor” you should know that. Leaving tomorrow to visit my son in Australia. He’s a barrister. We’ll share a lot of laughs over you and your online sycophants’ shrieking and flailing about nonexistent “crimes”.

    • Your one of those cat hating morons. Deliberately driving over a cat is a crime. Period. That’s obvious except to you who is decidedly thick. The hard part is proving it but mom in the FB post goes a long way to proving a crime. You’re banned.

      • “Mueller said it is his understanding that the Hopatcong police were unable to confirm that a cat was killed by Cain and have not secured any physical evidence, charging her based on the social media post alone.

        No one has come forward and reported their cat was killed, he said.

        According to Mueller, an individual cannot be arrested based on a social media post alone unless there is well-established evidence of the crime occurring, for example, if the crime happens in the presence of a law enforcement officer or if there is physical evidence.

        “We are investigating to see if either a fourth-degree animal cruelty charge is appropriate or if the matter should be administratively dismissed,” he said.”

        (1) If the DA goes to court based on a Facebook comment he should be fired.
        (2) If the woman’s attorney can’t defend her against such a ridiculous charge, he should be disbarred.

        Dunno what they have in the UK nowadays, but here we have something called freedom of speech. It applies to written, as well as verbal, communication. Any competent DA will toss this charge outta court so quickly it’ll bounce. Otherwise he’ll be BACK in court answering a lawsuit which will cost his town an embarrassing amount of money.

        I’m sure civil rights lawyers are already drooling over this one–and rightly so.

        • You are obviously a nasty, aggressive cat hating troll. Sad really. Whether they are prosecuted depends on evidence obviously but she admitted a crime. She may be lying in which case she is wasting police time. Freedom of speech is great because it let her admit the crime.

  6. It is beyond my comprehension that ignorant, cruel people exist in the world, especially in this day and age. Obviously not not all humans will find peace when they cross over to the next realm…they will have too much self scrutiny and work to be done on their souls.😱☮☯️️

  7. Just one of the many ways. As in the old saying, “There’s more than one way to skin a cat.” Why do you think that saying exists? In the USA everyone knows to save the juice from their tins of sardines and tuna, then drizzle them in the center of the streets. The cats stay longer licking at the pavement in the middle of the roads. It’s the only way to teach cat-owners to actually love their 100%-expendable vermin cats — eventually. Too bad you’re all so fucking stupid and don’t really care what happens to your vermin cats! LOL

    • Yes, the saying that you refer to comes from 1840 in the US when Americans were pretty ignorant about animal welfare. So keep living in the dark ages you ignorant yokel.

    • You are one SMF. I’m sure you can figure that one out. While I believe everyone needs to stop letting their pets roam that gives no one the right to kill them for fun. I am honestly appalled at the number of home raised kittens that at a certain age are deemed ready to live outside. I’m going to guess you inhabit a pew on Sunday and profess to be a good somethingorother and may even display a fish on your bumper. Almost without fail the more someone is ingrained in any religion the less empathy they have for animals as living beings. I am always disturbed by someone killing for pleasure. Instead of seeing a cat allowed to roam at will as being a victim of neglect you simply see a target to vent your hate on. Learn to vent that rage on negligent pet owners instead of victimizing the animals yet again.
      Again so as not to offend I am not picking on those that have TNR cats that cannot be tamed but are being cared for in a colony that is well maintained.
      Interestingly my inlaws often complained about the number of cats on their property and I suspect disposed of them probably in ways I’d rather not know. At the same time they were and are so pathetically ignorant they believe that S/N is unnatural. Considering the number of children their daughter has whelped on the taxpayer dime it seems they feel breeding at will and not being able to take care of those you bring into the world, human and animal, is offset if you go to church enough.
      This is my personal view of the world and I have no wish to impose it on anyone else. Many good wonderful and decent people go to church but have the ability to function normally in the world which would include keeping dogs behind fences and cats in cat safe fences or catios as well as early S/N instead of using a book written by man as a tool to enable their shoddy lifestyle.

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