Son drives over three cats with proud mum in passenger seat

Woman praises son for driving over three cats
Woman praises son for driving over three cats. The woman is Vasfije Cain or Vas Cain.
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While the son drives the vehicle, his mother sits in the front passenger seat. Allegedly, the son drives over three cats and his mother praises him online for doing his bit in eliminating the cat population.

Extraordinary social media post – an admission of a crime

The mother’s social media post states that she is proud of her son. The following is a quote from the mother’s social media post:

“As he drives mom around and runs over three cats, maybe people should keep their cats at their house and not on the street. So proud of him. Eliminating the cat population.”

Social media post in which mother praises son for running over cats
Social media post in which mother praises son for running over cats

On this page I have reproduced a rather murky image showing the face of the mother whose name is: Vasfije Cain aka Vas Cain. I believe that she also has the name Vasfije Tairi but I’m not sure. The bane ‘Vasfije’ is Turkish I believe. Turkish people like their cats normally!

The alleged crime is all over the New Jersey news media and has been picked up other news outlets. You cannot deny the incredible degree of ignorance of the woman because what she is posting is an admission of a crime under the New Jersey animal welfare laws.

We are told that on September 12 the police in Hopatcong, NJ, have arrested a person for deliberately killing an animal with a vehicle. Apparently the police were notified on August 22. Both the son and mother failed to report the alleged killings of three cats by a vehicle.


This is another example of misplaced arrogance combined with ignorance which allows these people to proudly declare on social media their crime. It’s astonishing that a person would decide to do this. It’s a very nasty and cruel crime if proved in court which has been compounded by a very stupid act: a self-confession on social media.

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  1. If they can’t find the bodies of cats that have been crushed or ran over and the police failed to impound the car for physical evidence as they should have. However not having physical evidence is not going to get them off the hook. The investigation based on their own words cost the police department money. And everyone should keep a screenshot so junior can have fun applying for those scholarships. They might delete it from their social media but what is put on the internet stays there forever. If there is no leash law for cats in that area then cat owners should demand they be arrested for terrorist threats. The world is full of consequences for people who haven’t committed an actual crime but had fun with law enforcement. Since she proudly posted her name and her sons it’s pretty much public record.


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