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Songmics Brand Cat Tower Review — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful. My cats have shop shelves converted to cat trees and they also have a castle maze. The cardboard are .88 cents each at Walmart.

      • The wonderful thing about house cats is they are such vertical animals. You can triple their living space without much effort. They love the maze because hiding spots and stalking are so important. I always have issues with cat trees because the base never matches the inertia of the four flying Wallendas hitting it at once during a mixed game of tag and zoomies. I have a rug attached to the wall in the back bedroom where they run in and go right up the wall. I try to provide my cats natural needs for exercise/hunting. Most cat towers do not offer a good climbing function. One where they pull themselves up with their whole body using every muscle. The songmics on Amazon are more than reasonably priced.

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