Soort zoekt soort – kind seeks kind – abandoned cat finds new home

The Dutch Soort zoekt soort can be loosely translated to English as ‘kind seeks kind’ we are told by Langernama on What she means in this context is that a young kitten dropped on the road outside someone’s house ended up living with the person in the house who is a kind person. Cats are by definition always kind 🙂 That’s how the Dutch phrase loosely translated as ‘kind seeks kind’ fits this photo:

Kind person takes in kitten chucked on road outside the person's home
Kind person takes in kitten chucked on road outside the person’s home
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And he looks absolutely gorgeous. He has been named ‘Smiley’. The reddit user who posted the photo said:

“Someone dropped him on the road near my house, I guess I have a new cat meow, gonna call him Smiley.”

The best cat guardians have cats come to them either directly as in this case or indirectly. They don’t have to go out of their way to find a cat to adopt.

A similar English phrase might be ‘like attracts like’.

And in German perhaps this phrase is similar: ‘Gleich und gleich gesellt sich gern‘, which means, ‘People of the same kind stick together’.

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