Sophie, is she a RagaMuffin?

Sophie, is she a RagaMuffin?

I have this wonderful cat named Sophie. I’ve had her since she was a kitten. Her mother, Snap, is just a barnyard cat. However her dad was a long haired white and blue (grey) cat with a huge tail. I was looking thru a cat book and i seen a picture of a cat that looked just like my Sophie and it said it was a RagaMuffin, I would like to know if she is half ragamuffin or not.

What are the characteristics of a RagaMuffin? She’s beautiful, blue on top, white on bottom and on feet and chest. Her face is grey except for the top of her nose in a kind of “v” formation and her mouth.

Hi…. thanks for visiting and asking. The asking is relatively easy as the answering is difficult and in fact impossible.

A photograph would have helped perhaps. But the truth is that it is impossible to tell whether a cat is a purebred mix unless the breed has a very well defined appearance.

RagMuffins (cat fancy people like to put a capital “M” in the middle) are essentially large, medium long haired cats with a large range of coat colours and patterns. They are what I would call normal looking. What I mean is they do not have an extreme appearance as has the flat faced Persian for example or the Modern Siamese.

Because of this a RagaMuffin mix or half breed RagaMuffin will look much like a medium or longhaired random bred cat. It will be all but impossible, I say, to tell the difference. Even a purebred RagaMuffin may be difficult to distinguish on appearance alone from a good looking mixed bred cat.

So, in conclusion, I have to say, sorry but I can’t answer your question. One last point. The RagMuffin is similar to the Ragdoll and the Ragdoll was bred from non-purebred cats. You can see how it all becomes very blurred.

Sophie sounds gorgeous, though. If you have a picture, why not upload it using the same form and I will join it to this posting?


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