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Sorrel Abyssinian Cat

Sorrel Abyssinian cat. Picture in public domain.

I will quote the words of Gloria Stephens in her book Legacy of the Cat.

“Sorrel – the indicative color is cinnamon. The cinnamon color combined with burnt sienna ground color and ticking, makes the cat look red”.

Gloria states that it is wrong to describe the sorrel Abyssinian as red because it indicates that the cat is under the influence of the sex-linked red gene. There is a red Abyssinian. Gloria says that she has seen a sex-linked red Abyssinian in Argentina. The coat color looks very different, she says.

The photo posted on Twitter has the description: Cinnamon Abyssinian.

Ticking‘ is the Abyssinian’s version of the agouti gene which creates a salt and pepper coat appearance compared to the classic tabby coat.

Here is Burnt Sienna:

Burnt Sienna

I can’t find a decent cinnamon color patch as it varies so much.


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