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Note: LUKA MAGNOTTA — If you have been sent to this page when looking for the video of the murderer Luka Magnotta killing two kittens, I am sorry but I have tried to publish it many times but it is poisonous and no host will serve the video.

Hi there, I’m Michael, the person who built this website. I’m sorry that something has gone wrong. You should know that I very rarely if ever delete pages. It’s only happened on a couple of occasions over almost 14 years and there are more than 17,000 pages on this website. What I would suggest that you might do is to use the Google custom search facility below.. It is a very flexible and powerful search tool which should find a lot of webpages which you find useful.

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When using it select keywords only as it works better and you work faster. For example, if you are searching for the inherited diseases of Maine Coon cats search for “Maine Coon health” rather than “the inherited diseases of Maine Coon cats”.

Miss Kate Maine Coon
Miss Kate – Maine Coon – Photo copyright Helmi Flick.


This is a very comprehensive website. It pretty much covers every aspect of wild, feral, stray and domestic information. I’m convinced, therefore, that you will find the information that you are seeking. I try and write pages which are very informative and my objective is to get to the point very quickly.

This is why I normally answer titles which have a question in them in the first line of the article so people get their answer very quickly. They can then add detail to that answer if they wish by reading the remainder of the article.

Gabriel – Gabs – Gabby. This is my cat. Photo: Michael at PoC.

I believe that this website is one of the very best websites regarding the wild cat species in particular and it is excellent in answering queries about domestic cat caregiving. I also discuss the cat breeds in detail accompanied by top quality photographs by the professional cat photographer Helmi Flick.

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Always feel free to contact me to discuss anything you like (see the menu above for contact details or click this link). If you see an error which you want corrected please contact me. If you would like to write for the website and feel that you can produce high quality work also please contact me.


I always welcome comments. Feel free to upload photographs of your cat(s) and discuss your life with your domestic cat. I really like them. Sometimes I convert great comments to articles so these sorts of first hand experience comments are very welcome.

Thank you very much for visiting the site and I’m sorry that you had a problem finding the information that you were looking for.

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