by Deva
(Halifax ns)

I was delighted to see “Arthur”. He looks exactly like my “Poe“. My Poe was rescued from a trailer park in Nova Scotia where he was traumatized by both an 8yr old girl who wouldn’t leave him alone, and his father– who tried to eat him. Poe mimicks my speech tones, is very loyal, curious and gentle.

He occasionally has a burst of energy in the evening when he will tear around the apartment as if chasing a flock of invisible prey.

Normally he is happy to sleep in a quiet dark place. I call him my little bear-cat because he looks like a baby bear. He is 5 years old but still frolics like a kitten.

When feeling hostile, he will sit on his haunches with front paws held at chest height and cock his head to one side — don’t be fooled — he’s not being cute – he’s getting ready to take a strip off the person he doesn’t like.

He likes to play hide-n-seek, fetch and stores his fav toys in my bed.

Deva – Halifax NS

Hi Deva… Thanks for coming by the site. If you have a photgraph of the boy please email me:

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Soulful to Tiffany Cat

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