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South China Tiger benefits in disputed divorce — 4 Comments

  1. Well done that Judge!! I fear Michael that you are correct the Chinese will kill a Tiger not for food but just for one small gland which they use for Chinese medicine one of many obvious reasons why I wouldn’t go anywhere near a Chinese herbalist. Invariably they will eat the Tiger albeit that isn’t the reason it was killed.

    I will never understand how anyone can look upon a creature that is so majestic and so beautiful and made so unique by God and still think that its ok to kill it for one tiny gland?

    I wonder if a beautiful ancient temple existed in China that had an ancient elixir trickling through its walls that was beneficial as a medicine would be torn down to extract the liquid? No very likely not, yet these Tigers belong in China as much and any temple or artifact and should be left alone!

    I wish that someone would do some scientific studies into Chinese medicine to establish how effective it really is and I know they are strong in their beliefs which are thousands of years old but times have changed and we have evolved (well some nations have) and it just isn’t acceptable to kill an animal because it may or may not have just one organ that may or not be beneficial to human health!

    Same as bear bile farms I can’t imagine anything more cruel except of course the belief that dog meat is more tender if the animal has been tortured first then skinned alive and sometimes if it survives the skinning then boiled alive.

    It all makes my heart very heavy ……

    • Chinese medicine is the major killer of tigers in the world after habitat loss. The Bengal tiger in India is routinely poached and then the carcass shipped to China via the Philippines or Burma to China. There is no scientific basis for the beneficial effects of eating tigers. It is complete and utter madness and shows that the human in China is rooted in past superstition.

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