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South Korean celebrity bites her Sphynx cat. It is not cat cruelty — 6 Comments

  1. Ear-sucking with the lips – I’ve done this to various of my cats before and they treat it as a form of grooming. Sometimes you see cats nibble each other’s ears in an affectionate way.

  2. Okay I saw the video and I have two thoughts: I hope people who have Sphinxes take care that they don’t get hurt during play either. And, I would like to watch one for awhile to better see their micro expressions on their faces. That would be very interesting!

  3. I don’t think this is biting with the teeth. I think it’s just a lip-bite. I gently do this with lips only on my cats’ ears. Teeth are nowhere near the skin. It’s like a love-bite that they sometimes give me (see “Pete” below) which are also very gentle. They don’t “enjoy” the ear thing (which is why her cat is wincing I think), but I guess we’re trying to show them that we’ll never hurt them even when we really could.

    • I think you are right Albert. I think though she does gently nibble him on the back. The Sphynx cat feels this and it irritates him slightly but that’s about it. Yes, humans like to express their love by nibbling their special other.

      • Oh I didn’t get to see the video play. Yeah don’t use teeth. I think our mouths are also full of bacteria that could infect an open wound. Not our own though, which is kinda weird. If one person bites another, that is almost always serious. And don’t feed cats with your mouth. The skin on our lips is the thinnest on our entire bodies. An infection there would be very painful.

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