South Lakes Safari Zoo Loses Its License

South Lakes Zoo in Cumbria has just this minute lost its license. I have written about this zoo previously. This means it must close either permanently or perhaps the owner will appeal the county council decision. I believe the evidence of mismanagement was overwhelming. The decision is a good one as far as I am concerned.

The closure is due to a catalogue of hundreds of allegedly unnecessary animal deaths, an unnecessary death of a tiger cub and the death of one of the zoo keepers. David Gill is the owner and license holder. It is operated under license to another company at present on a six month lease. This was forced on Mr Gill because of his inability to run it to a proper standard.

However, recent reports from the zoo under new management indicates that not much has changed for the better. The place still seems to be dismal and keeping it open would have been detrimental to the welfare of the animals who remain.

I will write further on this in the near future.

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