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South of Auckland it is not uncommon to find kittens dumped in plastic bags — 4 Comments

  1. What really amazes me is the fact that these callous people have access to an unaltered female! If you hate kittens, WHY IN THE WORLD DID YOU GET A FEMALE?

    I recently found three tiny kittens abandoned at a group of dumpsters with no food. The dumpsters are not a reliable source of food (most people eat their food rather than through it away). The only shelter is a felled tree that will not offer much sanctuary from the local coyotes. And the only water source is rain runoff at the roots of the tree, which does dry up.

    Praise God for Rescuers!!! My vet told me about LC Paws who contacted me and was able to rescue them all in one day. One of the kittens will likely lose her tail due to injury, possibly from burns.

  2. This is more likely the reaction of people like you who seek to bury us, our children and out wildlife in cats and their diseases. These folks resort to inhumane methods like this out of desperation in commonwealth countries where legal possession of firearms is restricted, and the penalty for shooting cats is harsher than abusing human children. Of course, child-hating, cat-feeding spinsters see nothing wrong with that.

    Hermann Goering felt the same and exhibited the same priorities in 1933. That’s what happens when “animal rights” imbeciles attain state power.

    • Pure BS. You are a fool. This is a crime and therefore society regards it is immoral and you are defending it! Really you should be ashamed of yourself.

  3. If governments would set the tone on the welfare of all species, stop scapegoating domestic cats, then there would be less of this horrendous abuse. We need animal welfare and kindness to be taught in every school in the world, for the whole of every child’s education. It needs to be taken that seriously.

    These kittens were very lucky to be found.

    A friend of mine adopted a young cat who had been left as a kitten with her siblings, who had died, in a taped up box, dumped in a layby. She was traumatised for life.

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