Southern Illinois University Edwardsville police save kitten trapped in a large brush pile

Two officers with the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE) police helped save a kitten Wednesday after the kitten was trapped in a large brush pile and couldn’t escape.

SIUE police rescue kitten (Facebook)
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Officer’s Ferrari and Rice rescued the kitten, now named Linsey, who had been stuck in a dead tree for two to three days. Officer Rice spent an hour and a half sawing the tree to get to the tiny kitten.

Linsey was taken to the Metro East Humane Society and will be ready for adoption just in time for Christmas.

Linsey loves trees (Metro East Humane Society)

Linsey is currently in a foster home where she’s warm and has a full belly. The Metro East Humane Society posted a sweet picture of her resting comfortably in a Christmas tree.

“We promise this is the last post… for a while. Linsey’s foster mom said Linsey has been most content resting in the Christmas tree. Silly girl will learn to love human affection and indoor life VERY soon.”

*No kittens were harmed in taking this picture*”

But we all WANT to see more posts of Linsey in her foster home. She’s adorable!

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